Tired of Losing Baby Shoes?

Double Sided Piggy Shaped Sticky Tape

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Tired of losing your baby's shoes over and over again? If you have kids, you understand when newborns and infants constantly kick their shoes off while traveling and you just can’t seem to keep them on! The solution is finally here! Stickipiggi’s Infant Shoe Adhesives are double-sided, piggy shaped sticky tape adhesives that adhere and anchor baby shoes to baby feet, assisting in securing your babies footwear. Get the hottest baby accessory on the market and never lose footwear again, because when it comes to babies, Bonding is Everything.

How to use StickiPiggi’s Infant Shoe Adhesives that bond baby shoes to feet, preventing kickoff.

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Are you going to a baby shower and want to gift the most unique baby accessory on the market? StickiPiggi's Infant Shoe Adhesives will help mama keep her new baby's shoes from falling off when she goes to the Pediatricians office, travels to see family and friends, or any other destination. What a great way to WOW the crowd. Buy Now and watch her face light up!

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