StickiPiggi's | Blue Double Sided Infant Shoe Adhesives

                         StickiPiggi’s Infant Shoe Adhesives

  • Description: StickiPiggi’s double-sided adhesive is designed for your infant to keep their shoes on at all times. These high bonding adhesives are for infants 0-6 months old. They are a double-sided adhesive that sticks to their socks and the in-sole of their shoes to ensure their shoes always stay on and never get kicked off.
  • Design: Our StickiPiggi’s double-sided adhesive comes in an adorable shaped piggy design. These soft and reliable adhesives will sit comfortably on the front end and back end of your child's socks. They will instantly stick to the shoes insole when you put them on. We recommend that you press the shoe into the foot for five seconds for maximum bondage. 
  • Easy to Peel: The pig adhesives are easy to place and peel off when you are ready to use. Simply remove the peel and secure them in place for use.
  • Materials Used: These infant shoe adhesives are crafted using premium-grade, high bonding foam adhesive that is completely free of any latex or toxins. We understand that your child's safety comes first, which is why we are offering you a safe and reliable product.
  • Includes: Our StickiPiggi’s double-sided adhesive come in blue or pink. Each pack contains 12 adorable piggy adhesives that are ready to be used. Stick them on and you will never have to run around looking for a lost shoe again. 
  •          When it comes to babies, bonding is everything!