About Us

                        One simple idea, One innovative product.


My name is John Antunes and I created StickiPiggi's, of course with the help of my beautiful wife Cheri. I really started putting thought into how I can keep my sons shoes on without them falling off, and suddenly, it hit me. I needed an adhesive that was double sided and high bonding. Then then name came to me minutes later. It was genius! Adhesives that stick on babies little piggies, StickiPiggi's.

With the help of my wife, I started creating a unique, double sided adhesive with a different variety of manufacturers. At this time, I had zero business knowledge and just wanted to license my product to a company who could take the product to market. Several companies loved the idea, but zero companies moved forward.

After months and months of testing, I found the perfect, double sided adhesive, and with the help of my good friend and graphic designer, Randy Tellier, we created the pig shape adhesive and began the process. As I was fine tuning my product StickiPiggi's, I decided to reach out to one more person and that was Laura Birrell, creator and founder of Sticky Heelz, who has been my mentor and helped me bring my product to market on August 13th 2019 and we are now on

Groupon, Amazon, and at StickiPiggis.com. It feels good inside when you can help all the parents who struggle with the issue of the infamous baby shoe dilemma because when it comes to babies, Bonding is Everything.