(Q) What are StickiPiggi's?

(A) StickiPiggi's are double-sided piggy shaped sticky tape adhesives that were tested and designed to bond to shoe soles and sock to create the ultimate anchor for baby footwear.


(Q) Can you reuse the adhesives?

(A) Unfortunately, StickiPiggi's are a one time use and are disposable. StickiPiggi's will still assist in preventing kickoff if shoes are taken off just once.


(Q) My baby is older than 6 months, will they still work?

(A) Yes, they will still work. Place the Piggy on the rear of the shoe, just below the Achilles heel. Feel free to add more to various parts of the shoe.


(Q) I wish I could try a pack first.. Do you give free samples?

(A) If you sign up with your email on the website, via pop up display, it gives you a code for a free pack. Pick a pack and enter the code at checkout..